Claudia Alexandra Moretti

1984-85 Heatherley’s school of Fine Art, London Foundation course.
1985-86 Norwich school of Art.
1987-88 Chelsea School of Art and Design, London BA (Hons.) Fine Art.
1996-97 Kensington and Chelsea College, London. Professional Development and Exhibition Course.
1977-83 Royal College of Music, Prince Consort road, London. Studied piano, violin and voice in the junior department.


Claudia Moretti has her work privately commissioned and has  participated in numerous international and national group exhibitions, some of which:

1989 Christies, Royal college of Art, Kensington Gore, London “Christies new Contemporaries”
1990 Mall Galleries, Pall Mall, London “Art for all”
1991 Roy Miles Gallery, Mayfair, London “British Month”
1993 Miart, Milan, Italy “European Artists”
1994 Biennale Internazionale, Florence , Italy “Vetrina degli Artisti Contemporanei”
1995 Sorak International Biennale, Sorak, South Korea “International Exhibition”
1996 The Stables Gallery, group exhibition, Orleans House Riverside, Twickenham
1996 Landmark Arts Gallery, group exhibition, Teddington
1997 Ice House Gallery, Holland Park, London “Out of Hand”
1997 Norwood Ravenswood Art Exhibition, Art Connoisseur Gallery, London
2015 Between the trees, Sheen Common Richmond,  Art Exhibition.


“Nature is a Deity….. Nature is the only Deity visible to the human eye, accessible to each and every one of the human species’ senses; if it were worshipped as are the varying religions maybe we could perhaps have a more comprehensible understanding of life……”


Photo courtesy of Anna Levene

Claudia Moretti moved to a remote village in Southern Italy between 1998-2014, propelled by a deep yearning to immerse herself in Nature. Her time was largely spent within the rural, wild, rugged mountainous landscape, surrounded by the Ionian sea. This was a very important, transformative period of deep self realisation which has since proven to be a major pivotal point in her conceptual and perceptual work. Living an esoteric lifestyle she became highly attuned to herself in relationship to her surroundings, in contemplation of the very essence of our beingness and individual purpose on this planet, in this lifetime. Becoming increasingly more aware of the Metaphysical world, influenced by the works and thoughts of philosophers Eckhart Tolle and Dr Deepak Chopra, she began her journey into her now daily practice of meditation. This practice has a very close association to Moretti’s artistic tendencies, being the portal to her extrasensory reception to Natural phenomena, particularly trees. Her work is currently dedicated to the beauty and power of trees, that Moretti believes to have potent healing properties, for both physical and mental health. There is a particular focus on not only the visible form of the tree but a deep regard for it’s occupying and surrounding space. Space has a definite form and each work is produced with an intentional placing within the confines of the canvas to the space created by the physical form.
Moretti has used a variety of media, working spontaneously with whatever she finds at hand to serve her purpose. She has worked extensively with heavy Fabbriano paper, raw pigments, acrylic, oils, charcoal; a prolific drawer and painter she has also produced a series of sculptural ‘bas-reliefs’ using natural materials and Raku-fired clay. She is currently using oil paints and works exclusively in situ, throughout the whole year.
Moretti’s early musical background continues to be a passionate influence and has a great appreciation and love of the cello.

Claudia Moretti’s current work is painted in oil on canvas, entirely in situ of a woodland area in London. She chooses ‘power points’, single or groups of trees that have a particularly striking presence, capturing the energy and healing properties of trees and their root systems beneath the earth.